100 Women Creating A Better Africa


As the name implies, the ‘100 Women Creating A Better Africa’ is a list of 100 women making a difference on the continent in their various fields of endeavour. As part of the criteria for selection, each woman on the list must be contributing her quota to the achievement of one or more of the 17 UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) in Africa.

The aim of the initiative is not only to celebrate amazing women doing great work from all over Africa, but to share their stories with the world and get others inspired. Held annually in honour of International Women’s Day, the campaign opens with nominations in March. The fist edition in 2020 had nominees came from over 25 nationalities, which is quite impressive for a maiden edition. Also important to note is the fact that quite a number of men participated in the campaign. In fact, 46% of the nominations came from men, which is great and shows their commitment to supporting the women folk.

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