Announcing, X-Women Championing Sustainable Solutions in Africa

Nominations are officially open

We are thrilled to announce that nominations are officially open for the ‘X-Women Championing Sustainable Solutions in Africa’ (X-WCSA) initiative!

What’s X-WCSA all about?

X marks the mystery figure! We are on an adventurous journey to discover and celebrate women whose passion for the planet has led them to take innovative actions. These are the unsung heroes working towards healing our planet through sustainable solutions –  products, services, processes or research geared towards meeting people’s needs in a way that protects and nurtures the environment and embraces longterm thinking.

How can you be a part of this adventure?

Nominate the extraordinary women in your network who are making waves in the adoption of sustainability. It’s time to shine a spotlight on their impactful work.

We’re counting on YOU to help us make this more than just a list; let’s make it an adventure to find, promote, and contribute to a more sustainable world.

X -Women Designs (2)
Nominees should meet the following criteria: 

– Be 18years and older – outstanding younger ladies may be considered 

– Female founders or women working with government agencies,  NGOs, private organisations, academia, etc.

 – Innovative approaches to addressing climate change and other environmental challenges through products, services, processes or research 

– Solutions must be focused on Africa or have operations connected with Africa

– Present evidence of measurable impact towards  environment sustainability

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Join us in this exciting journey to recognize and uplift women driving sustainable change in Africa by sharing widely within your networks.

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Please watch this space and stay tuned for more updates.

Let’s make a difference, TOGETHER!

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