Drumroll as we present the 2024 X-WCSA

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are pleased to announce the extraordinary women who have been selected for the 2024 XWCSA (X Women Championing Sustainable Solutions in Africa).

Among these change-makers are female entrepreneurs, leaders in governmental agencies, NGOs, private organizations, and academia, all of whom are pioneering innovative approaches to address climate change and environmental sustainability through their products, services, advocacy and research. Their tireless efforts serve as a light of hope, inspiring others to join the fight for a greener, more sustainable future.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who nominated these amazing women. Your recognition and support help to magnify their voices and move their goals forward. Together, we are creating a more inclusive and environmentally conscious world.

In no particular order, drumroll as we present our X-Women for 2024.





How is She Making a Difference?

Doreen Irungu


Food/ Agriculture

Doreen Irungu, the visionary founder behind Ustawi Afrika, is tackling issues in Kenya’s marginalized rural areas. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and fueled by a passion for environmental sustainability, Doreen navigates through the challenges of unpredictable rainfall patterns with unwavering determination.

Ustawi Afrika is a beacon of hope for rural communities. By boosting agricultural productivity and addressing the crippling effects of water scarcity, Doreen’s initiatives are transforming lives. But it doesn’t stop there. She’s empowering women and men alike, creating employment opportunities that ripple through entire communities.

From innovative farming techniques to value-added activities like food processing and marketing, Doreen’s approach is about building sustainable livelihoods that can weather any storm.

Doreen Irungu is rewriting the narrative for Kenya’s rural communities, one sustainable solution at a time.

Temitope Okunnu



Climate and Environment


Temitope Okunnu brings over 15 years of expertise in environmental health and sustainability to her impactful initiatives. She stands as a driving force for environmental advocacy and education through her role as the founder of FABE International Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting climate and environmental education, fostering a zero-waste culture, and championing sustainability. 

At the forefront of projects such as EcoSchoolsNg and TidyNigeria, Temitope’s foundation offers comprehensive programs designed to educate both teachers and students on strategies for mitigating the climate crisis and addressing environmental challenges. These initiatives have made significant strides, reaching 174 schools and positively influencing the lives of over 130,995 students. Moreover, by preventing nearly 1,000,000 kilograms of plastic waste from polluting waterways and oceans, Temitope’s efforts have yielded tangible benefits for both ecosystems and communities alike.

Beyond education and awareness, Temitope’s initiatives have also had a profound socio-economic impact. By creating employment opportunities for over 7,000 women and contributing to disease prevention and environmental preservation in nearly 100 communities, she has demonstrated a holistic approach to sustainability that encompasses both social and environmental dimensions.

Since her inception into the realm of environmental sustainability in 2006, Temitope has remained steadfast in her commitment to driving positive change. Through her leadership, she continues to mobilize women and young people for climate action, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities and beyond. Her tireless dedication and impactful contributions have earned her multiple accolades and awards, recognizing her as a trailblazer in the field of environmental advocacy and education. 

Lolade Alonge



Lolade Alonge isn’t just leading Celloop; she’s pioneering a revolution in e-waste management and circular economy solutions across Nigeria and beyond. With a background in business communications, honed in a solar-tech company in France, she brings invaluable expertise to her role as CEO.

Celloop is a game-changer. Lolade and her team are on a mission to recover and rejuvenate end-of-life battery cells, transforming them into renewable energy storage systems and e-mobility solutions. This isn’t just about environmental impact; it’s about creating opportunities. Celloop is poised to generate over 100 jobs in the next two years while providing affordable electricity to remote workers.

But that’s not all. Lolade’s commitment extends beyond Celloop. As an intrapreneur at Koolboks, she’s spearheading sustainable refrigeration solutions for rural Nigeria, tackling CO2 emissions and food wastage head-on. Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; she clinched the 2023 National Award at the UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Programme, cementing her status as a leader in renewable energy discussions worldwide. 

Agharese Onaghise





Under Agharese Onaghise’s leadership, the Food & Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) stands as a champion of development in Nigeria’s waste management landscape. As the Executive Director, Agharese spearheads initiatives that go beyond conventional industry standards, focusing on enhancing waste management operations, advocating for circular economy policies, and revolutionizing the recovery of post-consumer packaging.

In her dual roles as an Eco-Consultant and Independent Consultant with En-pact Solutions Limited, Agharese leverages her expertise to drive innovative strategies for recycling packaging materials and shaping policies that drive sustainable change.

Over the past five years, Agharese’s dedication has yielded tangible results. Under her guidance, FBRA has recovered over 75,000 metric tons of recyclables, facilitated the establishment of Nigeria’s first rPET recycling facility, and empowered thousands of waste pickers through comprehensive training and education programs.

Agharese Onaghise is a catalyst for transformation, pioneering sustainable waste management practices and paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future in Nigeria.

Glory Brendan-Otuojor


Education/ Training


As the Executive Director of the Development Impact Pathfinders Initiative, Glory Brendan-Otuojor stands at the forefront of a movement dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and youth in environmental and climate change discourse. Her initiative goes beyond conventional approaches, striving to inspire action against climate change and dismantle gender barriers while advocating for equitable development policies.

Glory’s commitment to her cause is exemplified by her active involvement in various impactful projects. During the 2023 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV), she co-hosted a virtual workshop engaging over 100 stakeholders to explore the intricate intersection of climate change and GBV. This innovative approach sheds light on often-overlooked connections, driving meaningful conversations and paving the way for transformative change.

Furthermore, Glory’s dedication extends to empowering marginalized populations, particularly women, young people, and vulnerable communities. Through initiatives like the Waste Upcycle and Business Mentorship Program, she equips individuals with the skills to generate income from waste, promote environmental conservation and combat climate change while fostering economic empowerment.

Glory’s impact reverberates not only locally but also on an international scale. She has spearheaded EU-UN Spotlight Initiative projects, providing education and support to over 17,000 GBV survivors and marginalized women and girls in Ebonyi and Cross River states. Additionally, her partnership with UNESCO’s O3 Programme has raised awareness about school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) in Nigeria, addressing a critical yet often overlooked issue.

Recognized for her unwavering dedication, Glory has received prestigious academic and non-academic fellowships, including the Netherlands Fellowship Programme and the CEWAS Scholarship. As a TeachSDGs Ambassador and a UNICEF Certified Master Trainer, she continues to inspire and empower others, earning accolades such as the Seed Project Funding Award from the Global Diversity Foundation. 

Bekeme Masade-Olowola




Consulting, Training, and Advocacy


Bekeme Masade-Olowola epitomizes leadership and innovation as the Chief Executive/Founder of CSR-in-Action, a consultancy renowned for its dedication to environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in Nigeria and Canada. With a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Lagos, a Master’s from the Queen Mary University of London, and a Certificate in Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Bekeme brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her endeavours.

At the helm of CSR-in-Action, Bekeme spearheads transformative initiatives that drive positive change across sectors. One such initiative is the annual Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Conference, a pivotal gathering that aligns sector goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while addressing critical sustainability challenges. Through SITEI, Bekeme champions initiatives like the Community Engagement Standards (CES) for the Extractives industry, setting a benchmark for responsible corporate behaviour and community empowerment.

Bekeme’s impact extends far beyond boardrooms and conference halls. With a steadfast commitment to protecting human rights and combating gender-based violence, she has dedicated over 13 years to fostering sustainable development in extractive communities. Her efforts have catalyzed meaningful change, empowering communities and driving progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

In addition to her advocacy and consultancy work, Bekeme curates a newsletter that reaches over 30,000 subscribers, providing invaluable insights into strategic business approaches for managing environmental and social impact. Through her multifaceted approach to sustainability, Bekeme Masade-Olowola continues to inspire and empower stakeholders across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the path towards a more sustainable world.

Sevidzem Ernestine Leikeki


Environment, Agroecology and Gender Equality

Sevidzem Ernestine Leikeki embodies empowerment and environmental stewardship in her role as the Women Empowerment Officer at Cameroon Gender And Environment Watch (CAMGEW), an organization dedicated to advancing the honey value chain in Cameroon. Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Common Law and a diverse array of certificates spanning fields such as Creative Collaboration, Lay Counseling, and Fundamentals of Business Management, Ernestine is deeply committed to uplifting women and girls while making a tangible impact on the environment.

Since 2008, Ernestine has passionately advocated for women’s rights and inclusion in natural resource management. Her efforts have not only empowered over 2000 women with essential business skills but have also facilitated the integration of more than 3000 women and girls into apiculture, providing them with sustainable livelihood opportunities. Operating in the vicinity of the Kilum-Ijim forest area, Ernestine champions community-led forest conservation initiatives, recognizing the critical role of local communities in safeguarding precious natural resources.

Through her advocacy and outreach efforts, Ernestine has imparted invaluable knowledge to over 80,000 individuals, emphasizing the importance of nature conservation and sustainable practices. By empowering women and girls to become stewards of the environment, she has catalyzed positive change on a grassroots level, fostering a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility.

Ernestine’s unwavering dedication and impactful contributions have garnered widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally. She has been honoured with prestigious awards, including the esteemed BBC 2021 Top 100 Most Influential Women of the Year and the UNDP Equator Prize Award winner in 2019. Her accolades underscore her remarkable achievements and enduring commitment to driving positive change for both women and the environment.

Rose Sikulu





Rose Sikulu’s journey from witnessing environmental degradation in her childhood to co-founding Fibertext Green Paper Limited is a testament to her unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions. Inspired by the devastation caused by deforestation, she embarked on a mission to transform banana waste into biodegradable packaging, thus addressing two pressing issues simultaneously – deforestation and the need for eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

At Fibertext Green Paper Limited, Rose and her team are not just producing packaging materials; they are pioneering a revolution in eco-friendly practices. By repurposing banana biomass, they not only reduce the carbon footprint but also create local job opportunities, contributing to community empowerment and economic growth.

Rose’s story is one of innovation and determination, where environmental stewardship meets entrepreneurial spirit. Through her efforts, she not only tackles environmental challenges but also inspires others to join the sustainability movement.

Onyinyechi Chikere


Fashion and Clothing

Onyinyechi Chikere is the visionary behind Clozetsales, an ingenious circular fashion brand reshaping the industry landscape. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Environmental Management, and fortified with Circular Fashion certification from Wageningen University & Research, Onyinyechi is on a mission to revolutionize fashion waste management while empowering women economically.

Clozetsales serves as an online sanctuary for eco-conscious women aged 22-45, offering a dynamic marketplace for pre-loved clothing and accessories. By facilitating the exchange and repurposing of fashion treasures, they champion sustainable practices, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. Moreover, the platform empowers vendors financially and offers budget-friendly fashion alternatives for discerning shoppers.

With a remarkable transaction value exceeding 7 million naira and a substantial impact on job creation, Clozetsales stands as a model of sustainable entrepreneurship in the fashion realm.

Her trailblazing endeavours have garnered international acclaim, earning her prestigious titles such as one of Africa’s Top Future Females Entrepreneurs. Additionally, Onyinyechi has graced platforms like AFRICA NXT as a keynote speaker on Circular Fashion, leaving an indelible mark as a catalyst for positive change. 

Crystal Chigbu





For over a decade, The IREDE Foundation has provided life-changing prosthetic limbs to over 500 child amputees nationwide. But it’s not just about restoring mobility—it’s about doing so sustainably. Crystal’s visionary approach ensures that each prosthetic limb, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly materials, embodies the essence of environmental stewardship. By designing prosthetics that can be repurposed for others after the initial user outgrows them, she ensures a circular model that minimizes waste and maximizes impact.

Crystal’s journey was deeply shaped by her daughter’s own experience with disability, igniting a fire within her to create meaningful change. Her relentless advocacy and strategic leadership have garnered widespread recognition, including prestigious awards such as the 2023 ICSICF Conference Award of Recognition and the 2021 DIAL Awards for Disability Advocate of the Year. Her unwavering dedication to advancing disability rights and empowerment has also earned her the esteemed title of the 2023 BudgIT Active Citizen for Disability Advocacy/Empowerment.

As she continues to steer the foundation towards its vision, Crystal remains at the forefront of revenue-generating initiatives and represents the organization in influential forums focused on disability and development. Through her leadership, The IREDE Foundation not only transforms lives but also champions a sustainable future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Nina Mbah





Nina Mbah, an innovative leader driven by her profound connection to nature, stands at the forefront of environmental advocacy in Africa. Inspired by her firsthand experiences witnessing the devastating effects of climate change in Nigeria, Nina embarked on a mission to amplify the voices of those impacted and drive tangible solutions.

From her early years, Nina’s heart was drawn to the serene beauty of natural landscapes. This passion manifested in her creative endeavours, from crafting the lush garden landscape of her father’s compound to spearheading the development of Ecospace—an innovative, nature-based eco-friendly co-working space within her community. 

However, Nina’s commitment to environmental preservation transcended physical spaces. Recognizing the urgent need for widespread awareness and action, she co-founded African Climate Stories—a groundbreaking platform dedicated to illuminating the often-overlooked narratives of climate change across the continent. Through this platform, Nina endeavours to unite climate activists and storytellers, catalyzing a movement of change-makers dedicated to inspiring climate action and fostering sustainable solutions. 

As an Impact Producer, Nina harnesses the power of storytelling to ignite social and environmental transformation. African Climate Stories catalyzes grassroots change, empowering emerging storytellers to advocate for local environmental solutions and drive meaningful impact within their communities. Through initiatives like fellowships, festivals, and forums, Nina’s vision has sparked a ripple effect of awareness and action, with over 30 media projects reaching thousands in just a year.

Nina Mbah’s unwavering dedication and innovative approach to environmental advocacy and Her tireless efforts in the fight against climate change exemplify the profound impact that passionate individuals can have in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Yetunde Deborah Fadeyi






Yetunde Deborah Fadeyi, founder of REES Africa and CEO of Vectar Energy, is a leading force in the battle against energy poverty. With a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering—specializing in Sustainable Energy and Environment—from Cardiff University, Yetunde is on a mission to revolutionize the energy landscape.

Recognizing the urgent need to replace dirty fuels with clean energy innovations, Yetunde established Vectar Energy, a pioneering startup poised to tackle energy poverty head-on. At the core of Vectar Energy’s mission is the incentivization of end-users to embrace clean energy solutions while reducing purchase costs and monetizing social and climate impact.

Yetunde’s passion for sustainability led her to identify a critical gap in the market: the lack of access to finance for local developers seeking to implement solar energy projects. In response, she founded ecoWise, a groundbreaking platform that connects small-scale solar developers with international funds through renewable energy certificates and carbon credits. By harnessing these financial mechanisms, ecoWise empowers developers to bring electricity to rural areas, fostering economic opportunities and addressing climate justice concerns in the process.

Yetunde’s trailblazing initiatives have not gone unnoticed, earning her prestigious fellowships such as the Three Cairns Fellow, Tech Women Fellow, and Chevening Scholar. Through her unwavering dedication to clean energy and sustainable development, she continues to drive meaningful change, creating a brighter, more sustainable future for communities across Africa.

Sakinat Bello



Sakinat Bello is the lead consultant at Heela Green Resources, a trailblazing social enterprise dedicated to transforming cooking practices and fuel usage in Nigerian households. With unwavering dedication, Sakinat has steered the organization to impact over 1000 community members across 100 Local Government Areas in four States, directly transforming the lives of more than 500 households.

Heela Green Resources pioneers sustainable and affordable energy solutions through three impactful initiatives. The Heela Efficient cook stoves are meticulously designed to champion sustainable fuel consumption, while maximizing heat transfer efficiency, thereby conserving fuel, enhancing women’s health, and curbing indoor carbon pollution. Additionally, Heela Briquettes transformed household cooking fuel by ingeniously converting agricultural waste like rice husk and corn stalks into an eco-friendly alternative. 

Beyond innovation, Heela Green Resources is deeply committed to community engagement. Sakinat spearheads initiatives aimed at empowering women and youth through comprehensive training in briquette production, fostering stakeholder commitment to sustainable energy practices, and raising awareness about the detrimental effects of inefficient cooking methods and unsustainable fuel usage.

The training programs orchestrated by Sakinat serve as catalysts for socio-economic empowerment, driving tangible impacts such as poverty alleviation, the establishment of resilient communities, and revenue generation through the production and sale of briquettes. Since 2019, over 500 beneficiaries have undergone transformative training across six states in Nigeria.

Jumoke Olowookere



Education/ Training

Adejumoke Olowookere is the driving force behind the African Creative Sustainable Synergy Hub (ACSSH), where she serves as the Creative Director. This Social Enterprise Company is dedicated to forging a sustainable world by educating communities and transforming waste into functional, durable, and affordable products. In addition to her role at ACSSH, Adejumoke is the visionary Founder of The Waste Museum, a groundbreaking institution that stands as Africa’s premier showcase of the Circular Economy of Zero Wastes of Plants, Animals, and Humans. Nestled in Moniya Ibadan, Nigeria, The Waste Museum has emerged as a hub of innovation and environmental consciousness since its establishment in 2022, with support from the US Consulate Lagos.

A graduate of the esteemed University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where she earned both her first and second degrees, Adejumoke’s passion for sustainability and waste management has left an indelible mark on communities far and wide. For over a decade, she has tended to her backyard garden, cultivating ornamental plants, fresh vegetables, and herbs for her family and neighbours. This initiative not only promotes access to homegrown food and medicinal resources but has also inspired over 3000 households to establish their #organicbackyardgarden, fostering healthier lifestyles in the face of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a steadfast commitment to expanding her impact, Adejumoke has embarked on the ambitious PP45 project. This initiative, launched in celebration of her 45th birthday, aims to install organic gardens in 45 schools, teaching students how to cultivate their food and medicine using discarded containers and sacks. Her vision extends beyond her immediate community, to reach 10,000 homes by 2025.

Adejumoke’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has garnered recognition on both local and global stages. As an alumna of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs by the US Mission in Nigeria, the Global Entrepreneurship Training West Africa by Hangdong University South Korea, and the PearlRecycling Company, she continues to refine her skills and expand her impact. Moreover, her remarkable work has been supported by grants from esteemed organizations such as the BurningMan Art Foundation USA and the USADF. Across various media platforms, including Al Jazeera, Reuters, Channels TV, Tribe TV, AIT, Galaxy TV, BCOS, NTA, and numerous print publications, Adejumoke’s story serves as an inspiration to all who strive for positive change in their communities and beyond.

Jennifer Uchendu



Sustainable Development, Youth Leadership

Jennifer Uchendu, a trailblazer in sustainability advocacy, is the founder of SustyVibes, a youth-led organization driving impactful change across Africa. With a master’s degree in Development Studies from the UK’s Institute of Development Studies, courtesy of the esteemed Chevening Scholarship, Jennifer’s passion lies at the intersection of climate change and mental health. Her recent endeavours have focused on pioneering initiatives that address pressing environmental challenges while prioritizing the well-being of African communities.

At the heart of Jennifer’s mission is The Eco-anxiety Africa Project (TEAP), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at understanding and alleviating eco-anxiety and related emotions among Africans. With meticulous research, empathetic advocacy, and inclusive community engagement, Jennifer and her team at SustyVibes are breaking new ground in exploring the psychological impacts of environmental degradation and climate change.

SustyVibes stands out, not just in advocacy but in action. Beyond raising awareness, the organization conducts profound research to drive evidence-based impacts and spearheads actionable projects that make a tangible difference on the ground. From sustainable community development programs to eco-friendly initiatives, SustyVibes is at the forefront of driving positive change across the continent.

Jennifer’s visionary leadership has garnered significant recognition and support. With over $70,000 in grants secured within its first three years, SustyVibes has forged strategic partnerships with prestigious international organizations such as Wellcome Trust, Ashoka, and Stanford Medicine. This collaboration amplifies the organization’s reach and impact, empowering communities and fostering sustainable practices on a global scale.

Her pioneering work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Named on the BBC 100 Women list in 2023, she is celebrated for her groundbreaking efforts in addressing climate change and mental health, transcending boundaries and inspiring change-makers worldwide. Additionally, her co-authorship of the e-book “A Guide to Business Sustainability in Nigeria” in 2017 underscores her commitment to driving sustainability beyond rhetoric, offering practical insights for businesses and individuals alike.

Adejoke Lasisi


Fashion and Clothing

Adejoke Lasisi, a graduate of Economics from the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, didn’t just hear the global call for environmental safety; she answered it with unwavering determination. Her brainchild, Planet 3R is dedicated to converting textile and plastic waste into eco-friendly products through the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R).

Planet 3R is a movement for change. Adejoke’s vision goes beyond mere recycling; it’s about empowering unemployed youths and women, giving them the tools to turn waste into wealth. In just three years since its inception, Planet 3R has achieved remarkable milestones. From collecting over 980,000 kilograms of recyclable waste from the streets to training 382 youths through virtual and physical programs, the impact has been profound.

Adejoke’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2020, she was honoured as the National MSME of the Year by the Nigerian federal government, a testament to her innovative approach to sustainability. Her trailblazing initiatives gained international acclaim when she emerged as one of the 15 winners from 56 Commonwealth countries at the Commonwealth Innovation Sustainable Development Awards 2023.

But Adejoke’s journey didn’t stop there. At the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) 2023 in Cairo, Egypt, she proudly showcased locally made products from Planet 3R, underscoring her global influence and commitment to driving sustainable change. 

Ayanda Nyikana

South African

Fashion and Clothing

Ayanda Nyikana leads APARA Global with a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and uplift communities. What started as a wardrobe consultancy venture evolved into something much more impactful: a pioneering social enterprise specializing in clothing crafted from recycled fabric.

In 2019, Nyikana made a bold shift, embracing sustainability by producing activewear designs using recycled materials. APARA Global isn’t just about fashion; it’s about fostering a circular economy and combating plastic waste. Every garment tells a story of innovation and environmental stewardship.

But Nyikana’s vision extends beyond the seams of her creations. With a heart for social change, she reinvests the company’s profits into providing school uniforms for children in rural South African schools. By enhancing access to education and alleviating financial burdens on families, APARA Global becomes a catalyst for transformation in underserved communities.

When the pandemic struck, Nyikana didn’t retreat; she doubled down on her commitment to impact. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and eTraverse, she launched the APARA Global Academy. This initiative empowers over 150 students with educational programs focused on self-awareness, empowerment, leadership, and the basics of project management.

Ayanda Nyikana isn’t just redefining fashion; she’s reimagining what it means to be a socially responsible entrepreneur. 

Adesola Adegeye


Journalism/ Advocacy

Adesola Adegeye is an African leader dedicated to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. In 2020, she laid the foundation for GreenwithGrin, a platform driving various eco-initiatives such as beach cleanups and global recycling campaigns. Through her tireless efforts, Adesola has touched the lives of over 20 communities and 1500 individuals, igniting a wave of environmental consciousness across the continent.

One of Adesola’s most impactful endeavours is the annual February Greenie challenge, which mobilizes 120 youths to embrace sustainable habits and practices. This initiative not only fosters eco-awareness but also cultivates a generation of environmentally conscious leaders poised to shape a greener future.

Beyond environmental initiatives, Adesola addresses pressing social issues through innovative programs like Recycle for Education. By sponsoring children’s education with recycled PET bottles, she not only promotes recycling but also unlocks opportunities for underprivileged youth, breaking the cycle of poverty one educational sponsorship at a time.

Adesola’s influence extends far beyond local communities; she actively participates in global events such as World Cleanup Day and Earth Day, amplifying her impact on a global scale. Moreover, she founded Ecobiz, a platform dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products in Nigeria, reaching over 500 individuals and earning accolades from esteemed figures like the Governor of Lagos State and various media outlets.

Adesola Adegeye’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and community empowerment stands her out in a world grappling with environmental challenges. Through her visionary leadership and relentless determination, she inspires change and catalyzes a movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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