WeForGood is a sustainable solutions and impact design firm that brings people together to act on causes they care about. We work with change makers in Africa to design measurable impact and tell change stories with the aim of connecting them to the right opportunities and network for achieving the SDGs on the continent.

As design thinkers, we explore the methods and mindsets of human-centred design to co-create innovative solutions with people and organizations committed to tackling Africa’s most pressing challenges. We provide changemakers with knowledge, skills and support in an atmosphere that allows for empathy, creativity, fun and experimentation, equipping them to drive sustainable disruptions. Most importantly, with our one-size-never-fits-all approach, we communicate impact in ways different audiences understand, so we successfully complete the cycle by inspiring change and action.

Our core focus on Africa is not only based on our belief in the continent’s great potential, but on how doing nothing could adversely impact on the world. According to statistics, now and in many years to come, Africa will remain the youngest continent, with a continuously growing population.  However, with this has also come the problem of huge unemployment and poverty, so much so that it has indeed been argued that the world cannot achieve the 2030 Agenda without Africa hitting the targets.

That’s what drives our mission: we’re raising a new crop of leaders to champion Africa’s sustainable development.

We need a new kind of thinking to turn the continent around for good. We need to collaborate around shared goals that help young people, as the future of the continent, thrive.

Another question you may be asking: So why sustainability?

Well, as Africa charts its route towards development, the continent has the chance to get it right from the outset. As we build the Africa we want, we have the opportunity to create sustainable solutions that are not only good for the economy, but for the people and the planet, making sure we do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.