Nobody likes being stuck inside when the weather is as nice as this, and that includes your volunteers. Use the clement weather to your advantage and attract volunteers with outdoor opportunities and much more.

Here are some top tips on using the summer sun to attract new volunteers.

Get outside

If you are wondering why it’s proving so difficult to attract volunteers, it may be because we know how valuable a warm, sunny day is in Britain. Give your volunteers a day out in the sun and you will see them flood in. Do you have any grounds that need a bit of pruning, any imminent trips that could use a helping hand or opportunities that are outside by their very nature. Volunteers will be making decisions based on the nature of the work and weather will play a big factor. Give them something to look forward to. Building relationships with volunteers is a great way to ensure you have a strong and reliable network, improving your service and your quality of work.


Giving up one’s time is a very noble act, giving up one’s time on a beautiful summer day is even more noble. Take your time to show your appreciation to the volunteers who have decided to help others before relaxing in the heat. This doesn’t have to be a lot - an ice-cream, regular drinks, breaks and time to enjoy themselves. A little bit of love can go a long way as I am sure you guys will testify.

Change of plan

Try something different, don’t be limited. Move your schedule around or take work outside. Volunteers, employees and service users alike will appreciate the change which can boost morale and the effectiveness of the service you provide. Once again, this is a great way to build on the relationships with your volunteers making life easier when it comes to recruiting again.

Make it obvious

Don’t forget to let potential volunteers know about the extra mile you are willing to go. Offering lunch, treats, free time or the opportunity is taking place in a beautiful setting? Let the people know in your opportunity description. Make a song and dance about the fun you are having whilst helping others. Take photos and videos of volunteering in the sun to improve appeal or to give to the volunteers involved as mementos.

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