An Exclusive Deal for Women

Here’s another amazing funding opportunity we cooked up as part of this year’s Sustainable Solutions Africa Fellowship, which starts with Tekedia Institute as our learning partner. We’re so looking forward to welcoming female entrepreneurs on board so more women can be part of this year’s fellowship. Last year, only few women were part of the startups we coached and provided grants of over $250,000 to but we want to change that.

If you’ve been thinking about joining this programme but money has been a challenge, this second deal is for you, ma’am. We have partnered with Shecluded to provide loans exclusively for women to undergo the training. For access, very easy, simply contact: and quote WeForGood.

Why are we bringing you these offers – the 50% discount by IHS and the loan by Shecluded? We believe you stand the chance to be selected for this year’s Sustainable Solutions Africa Fellowship, which comes with grants, coaching and up to $25,000 in AWS credit, and wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity because of money.

Send your questions to

sign-up now.

Registration for the first batch closes on August 28, 2020 while classes begin on August 31, 2020.

For batch 2, registration closes on September 11, 2020 while classes begin on September 14, 2020. 

PS: Please share with those who may be interested in this opportunity

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