Career Awareness Dialogue

Career Awareness Dialogue

Goal 1- No Poverty,Goal 2- Zero Hunger,Goal 3- Good Health and Well being ,Goal 5- Gender Equality,Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation ,Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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? Reduction of career illiteracy and ignorance ? Building career knowledge and awareness ? Enhancing credible selection of suitable career in kids ? According confidence in the approach of career selection in kids Enhancing the mental capacity of kids



Career Awareness Dialogue is a campaign aimed at educating young minds on career as a concept and sensitizing them on its selection aiding in the growth and development of their mental capacity.

Problem Statement

Career choice is one of the most important decisions every person has to make whether that decision is to select a specialization, organization or a profession, it should be made after careful consideration of the internal (including physical, emotional and intellectual demands) and external environment (which might include one’s suitability to the type of work).

A good number of teens complain about their school subject or career paths which are influenced through the decision or pressure from parents, guardian or extended families.

This choice is crucial as it shall drive what will be the individual’s daily schedule for the rest of their life. Furthermore, it will have a direct impact on their other aspects of life such as life style, self-satisfaction, work-life balance and quality of life.

The career choice decision is also difficult not just because of the range of career options available to an individual in the current environment, but having an adequate understanding of a career without getting into it. Too often, only after a person has made sustainable commitments in time, energy, and money or has cut off other opportunities by taking steps to enter a career, does he or she find that it is not what was expected or wanted. It is therefore important for each and every child and adult to have a thorough education and knowledge on career as a concept before venturing into its processes.


v  Reduction of career illiteracy and ignorance

v  Building career knowledge and awareness 

v  Enhancing credible selection of suitable career in kids

v  According confidence in the approach of career selection in kids

v  Enhancing the mental capacity of kids

Location of implementation: Tivid Orphanage, Makurdi, Nigeria.

Activities: Thorough lecture/teaching in career choice; Interaction, sharing related stories and experiences in the subject, evaluating their understanding by critical questions as related to our teachings.

Expected Outcome:

At the end of this dialogue, these kids should be able to make suitable career choices that will not just bring satisfaction to their desires but that will build their capacities and bring up a sustainable growth to the nation at large.