"A Well-Informed Adolescent"

"A well-Informed Adolescent"

Goal 1- No Poverty,Goal 2- Zero Hunger,Goal 3- Good Health and Well being ,Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation

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To provide Comprehensive Sexuality Education which will help to equip children & adolescents with: (i) knowledge, skills, attitudes & values that will empower them to realize their health, wellbeing & dignity, (ii) develop respectful social & sexual rela


Adolescent Reproductive Health and Rights Initiative (ARHRI) is a youth focus organization that provides adequate comprehensive sexuality education and integrated sexual reproductive health services to young people. We achieve this through multi-sectoral programs that link health to education, recreational or skills acquisition, also youth club activities, school campaign, advocacy and peer health education

Vision Statement: To establish a generation of well-informed adolescent, who are equipped to make informed choices about their reproductive health?

Mission: To provide adequate comprehensive sexuality education and integrated sexual reproductive health services to young people.

The project will be carried out in 5 secondary schools both private and Public owned schools in Northern Senatorial District, South Senatorial District of  Cross River state Nigeria for the space of two weeks. There are numerous reproductive problems identified in teenagers in this part of the state which are:

·        Early start(onset) of sexual activity

·        Unwanted pregnancy

·        Inability for teenagers to express their reproductive rights.

·        Lack of accurate sexual and reproductive health information

·        Unsafe sexual practices as a result of traditional gender roles

·        Barriers facing sexual education at various homes

·        Unsafe Abortion as a result of unintended pregnancy

Our aim is to leave no young person behind, therefore we ensure we reach out to marginalized youths examples those who live in urban slums, rural communities and physically challenged providing them resources they need to make healthy informed choices about their sexual reproductive health.  We work to equip young people with the right information and preparation because the choices and decisions adolescents make today have long term repercussions; we love to see a generation of young people who have the potential to lead positive change in the world. Our work contributes greatly to the actualization of SDG 3.7 by 2020 ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programs.

Project Methodology or Project Approach

·        Awareness building and campaign will be carried out in secondary schools (Public and Private Inclusive) in Northern Senatorial District, South Senatorial District these programs will use various avenues to deliver  messages  and  promote  specific causes including  the  support  of  adolescent reproductive health, Encourage adolescents to adopt healthy behavior and avoid risky activities, Improve and promote adolescents total wellbeing and self-esteem.

·        Peer Health Educator (PHE) on to one approach with students

·        Colorful flyers and leaflet on health information for young people.

·        Practical advice on sex, HIV & AIDS

·        Referred adolescents to hospital and counseling services when need be.


ARHRI goals for this advocacy in secondary schools is to enable adolescent know and understand the basic facts about their body, how it works, sex, pregnancy and childbirth which help young people to take informed choices about what is right for them.

·        To enable adolescent know and understand the potential consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse and how to avoid those outcomes before being sexually active.

·        To equip adolescent with the necessary information to know the difference between fact and fiction with regard to sexual behavior.

·        To make them understand healthy and unhealthy relationships

·        To teach them how to express sexual feelings in a way that is not harmful to oneself or to anyone else.

·        To enlighten them on how to ignore pressure from others; knowing how to say “No, I am not ready for sex”

·        To see adolescent that is well grounded in accurate knowledge and information on sexual and reproductive health.

·        To reduce the incidence of reproductive health and other problems among the youth