Pan-African Center For Autism(PACA); A Call To Paid Volunteering In Africa

Pan-African Center for Autism(PACA); A Call to paid volunteering in Africa

Goal 1- No Poverty,Goal 2- Zero Hunger,Goal 3- Good Health and Well being ,Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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1. Creation of a Caregiver service delivery ecosystem (Smart Community)


We are creating a Caregiver Service Delivery Ecosystem to change the narrative.  Join our army of passion driven volunteers now and get Rewarded!

'What shame! I want her hidden away in some place.” ''Where do I get the money from to travel abroad for therapies?'' “Do I really have to give up my life to care for my child, ageing guardian, or relative?” “I feel neglected, nobody to speak to, nobody to care for me, why don’t I just die….” Longevity and children should be seen as a blessing, not the order way round. 

1. Harvard researchers estimate that there are more than 386,000 home health care businesses in the U.S., an industry that employs approximately 1.7million people but Africa Lack social workers infrastructure, health and social care information centers.

2. There is a Lack of infrastructure that track those exiting Special Education public schools to track their progress and needs (similar to Texas House Bill 1574 2009) in Africa.

3. Autism-related health care and education average more than $60,000 per child in a year. Maximum time for therapy per child is 40-40 hours a week, brick and mortar centers in Africa offer as low as 2 hours a day

 4. Lack of Value based Caregiver marketplace in Africa that addresses the issue of over-burdened and congested government resources and facility

 5. Lack of Campus dedicated to vocational courses for people with disability in Africa; a fully functioning community with residential living facilities, shops, labs, middle offices, and-a worship center  preparing them for productive lifestyle.

 6. Unemployment saga for people with disability and graduates whom service the ecosystem as caregivers in Africa

7.  Problem relating to dearth in Specialist capacity and center