Project 3&6 In SIX

Project 3&6 in SIX

Goal 1- No Poverty,Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation ,Goal 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth,Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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The specific objectives are: to provide relevant information about healthy lifestyle, encourage the participants to inculcate the culture of healthy lifestyle; and to incite the school authorities to create enabling environments for healthy behaviours.


Various studies have shown that preventable diseases contribute majorly to the increasing mortality rate in the Country. As a control measure, we came up with the idea of sensitizing the people on the various ways through which they can practice the culture of healthy living under the programme tagged Project 3&6 in SIX- an health awareness outreach specially designed for students of selected educational institutions within and around Osogbo- the Capital of Osun State, Nigeria.

In the course of the sensitization, we shall focus more on how Goals 3& 6 (Good health & Clean Water/Sanitation) of the Sustainable Development Goals can positively impact and reduce the spread of preventable diseases in our society.