10k Actions For Good

10k Actions For Good

Goal 17- Partnership for the Goals

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To obtain a total of 10,000 evidence-based actions completed successfully by change makers towards Africa’s Sustainable Development by 2030.


It’s 2020 and it’s officially the decade of actions – we now have 10 years to 2030 to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


In line with our work to bring people together to act on causes they care about, the 10k Actions Campaign aims to push for a record of 10,000 implementations directed towards the achievement of the SDGs in Africa by 2030 and to reward the change makers championing them.


3 Easy Steps

1.         Sign up on the website to join the 10k Actions campaign

2.         Create a campaign; every new campaign created on www.weforgood.org qualifies as an action

3.         Complete reporting template with the required data: pictures, write-ups, videos etc. - https://forms.gle/DdGzPSvDrna3rrsr9


Team members can join a campaign for eligibility to win bimonthly team rewards.