World Water Day 2020. True Water Walk

World Water Day 2020. True Water Walk

Goal 3- Good Health and Well being ,Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation ,Goal 13- Climate Action

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  • March 19, 2020Start Date
  • March 23, 2020End Date
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• Sensitize the public on how water can help fight climate change. • Sensitize the society on the importance of fresh and clean water to well-being. • Send messages to policymakers to put water and climate change at the heart of action plans. • Brand Awar


Laughkord Consult and Resources Limited was incorporated in 2014 with a mission to create a science-backed water derivative for a broad range of therapy, application and solutions within the domestic and industrial sub-branch of the Economy in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Through health awareness campaigns tagged "Drink To Good Health", we enlighten the public on the medical importance and benefits of the physical and chemical properties of fresh and clean water to healthy living and effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans' health.

In Nigeria, according to recent statistics, 15% of our adults develop an infection during a hospital stay by contaminated drinking water which is estimated to cause 50, 000 diarrhea deaths each year. These scenarios are more prevalent in low-income communities due to poor standards of living, inadequate health facilities and lack of access to basic portable water.

With the mobile phone changing the game in Africa estimating close to 1 billion users by 2023, we are using mobile apps to connect users' access to indiscriminate and unlimited medical diagnoses, consultancies, accurate prescriptions and follow-up by physicians.

Our uniquely treated and packaged water has helped reduce associated water infections through recommendations and education to thousands across the communities. We contribute positively to the wealth of communities and environment by improving the productivity of the Senior Citizens, exterminating some of the prevailing human health challenges and reducing mortality 3%.