How It Works

How It Works

As part of our effort to help sustainable solutions thrive, we provide an online fundraising platform where funds are raised by change-makers to support an idea, a project or a company.

As with every social campaign, it requires your time and effort to build up strategies that will help you gain trust, support and raise funds from prospective funders.

At WeForGood, we run a fixed funding campaign also called ‘all or nothing’.

Fixed Funding: ‘keep what you raise only if you meet your target goal’.

With a fixed funding system, you keep the funds you raise only if you meet your funding goal or target. If your campaign does not meet its goal by it deadline, all your funders will be refunded - you won’t get any fund and you won’t be charged any fees either on the funds apart from the initial launch fee of $25 from the second month.

As risky as it may sound, it makes you work harder to meet and even exceed your funding goal and ensures the money you raise can actually help you to accomplish your objectives and make the impact you desire. Also, it discourages misuse of funds, and creates confidence with prospective funders who are assured that the funds raised will indeed be used for the purpose for which it was set up.

On WeForGood, funders can leverage their refunded monies to support another project or idea.

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How To Get Paid + Platform fee

You will open an account and connect it with your campaign on WeForGood. All payments on successful campaigns will be processed within 24hours.

Since you are using our platform to raise funds, the funds will be transferred from your donor’s bank account to your selected bank account within 7days, minus platform fees.

You can access all transactions and fees from your WeForGood account, once payments are processed.

Fees: WeForGood charges a basic platform fee of 5% on money raised, monthly fee of $15 from the second month. In rare situations, an extension beyond the initial set deadline may be approved where requested. The extension will attract $25 as monthly charge. 

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How to build a successful fundraising campaign on WeForGood?

  1.  Tell a good story: Write a good story that will resonate with funders/donors. It should include;
    • Who we are
    • What led us to the project
    • Why people should support the project: Talk about the problem it will solve
    • Why you are raising the funds
    • How much you want to raise
    • What you want from donors and how they can help

  2.  Campaign Video: A clear and concise video increases your chances of raising more funds for your campaign. It catches people’s attention and makes you look more professional and serious to prospective funders. It should be up to 3 minutes and should include yourself and your team and also graphics/ images about the story of the campaign.

  3. Offer rewards: Offer appealing rewards as incentives to your donors as this makes them feel more valued for their contributions, making them more committed to backing your project and sharing your story to other people.

  4.   Market your campaign: You need to market your project to connect with people who share your passion in order to achieve your funding goals. These include:
    • Family and Friends: You cannot underestimate the influence of family and friends. Start with people who know you better than your potential funders.  Most of them have social media influence that help promote your campaign and also speed up your funding goal target.
    • Using Effective channels
      • Social Media Campaign: Launch the campaign on all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to target potential funders.
      • Targeted emails: You can use the WeForGood platform to target key audience as well as new sign ups from social media promotions
  5.   Be Reliable:  To earn the trust of potential funders, to make them back and fund your campaign, you need to be reliable. You must show yourself on your campaign video and have at least an active social media account.

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  • The first step is to initiate a planning meeting with WeForGood team, by emailing us at
  • Understand key requirements for fundraising and basic tools needed for launch.
  • Submit a detailed project plan for full review and approval.
  • Once approved, your campaign page is released and goes-live.

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The fundraising platform on WeForGood makes it easy for changemakers (non-profit, for-profit, startups or individuals) to raise funds for an idea, project or company.

For social enterprises or businesses, the impact of the project must be effective, efficient and promote sustainability in the society as a whole, and not as an income-making venture.

Funding requirements have to be analyzed and evaluated to determine whether the project is a franchise, independent project, cooperative, joint venture, Non-Governmental or Governmental organization, etc.

To make sure that WeForGood endorses only sustainable projects, the project must meet the following key requirements.

  • Environmentally friendly:  Is the project eco-friendly? Does it have direct positive impact on the environment or help people to make environmentally friendly behavioral changes?  Are the people involved in the project concerned about the issues of climate change?
  • Economically viable: Will the project secure adequate financing? Is the project able to compete and exist for the long haul? Will the project add economic value of some sort to the society? Will it alleviate poverty? Can the project sustain itself after receiving these initial funds?
  • Socially relevant: Is it needed by majority of people in the community it will be implemented? Does the project have the potential to make sustainable impact on communities, individuals? Does it address social issues, e.g., gender inequality, inclusion, poverty, unemployment etc.
  • Innovation: Will the project lead to positive effective change? What will it do differently from others? Will it develop models that will challenge our thinking?
  • Viability of project: What is the scope of the project? Is the funding goal achievable? Can the project be completed successfully within a reasonable timeline? Will the amount raised commiserate to the implementation of the project?
  • Rewards: Are the rewards attractive and inspiring? Do they align with the project goals? 

Furthermore, you are not allowed to promote illegal and harmful projects on our platform, as there is zero tolerance for scam campaigns.

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