Kids Got Sustainable Solutions

WeForGood is happy to launch Kids Got Sustainable Solutions (KGSS), an initiative designed to spark up creativity in children and young people, and awaken the desire to solve Africa’s problems in them. As part of our mission to raise a new crop of leaders to champion Africa’s sustainable development, we work with young people across various levels to ignite in them the passion for innovative solutions to tackle Africa’s most pressing challenges.

With KGSS, we aim to develop leadership and responsibility in these young participants from an early age.

Details of participation:

  1. All participants are to watch the free pre-entry training which covers the SDGs, design thinking and problem solving to help prepare them for the task.
  1. Interested pupils and students in primary or secondary schools to submit a 2-minute video recording of themselves talking about:
  • what problem they will like to solve
  • which SDG applies (we focus on 5 of the goals for this edition – GOAL 1: No Poverty; GOAL 2: Zero Hunger; GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being; GOAL 4: Quality Education; and GOAL 13: Climate Action)
  • how they will solve it sustainably

Click here to submit the video

  1. Certificates of participation will be issued to all participants.
  1. The submissions will be reviewed by a jury and the best will win exciting prices.
  1. Participation is free but registration is compulsory.


Entries close by midnight on June 17, 2022.

Send a mail to and if you have questions.

If you will like to support this programme, please send an email to

Ts&Cs apply.