Sustainable Solutions and Impact Design (SSID) School

Designed to help you see problems as opportunities and challenges as stepping-stones, SSID School, WeForGood’s training arm, is first a mindset reformation centre.

As the world becomes more and more technology driven, people will require a new set of skills to tackle challenges innovatively. With its unique training curriculum, SSID School gets you ready to work at the intersection of innovation and impact.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, SSID School will equip you with the skills to design sustainable solutions to real problems with a thinking that guarantees measurable impact.

You don’t just go through SSID School; SSID School goes through you.

Explore the curriculum

  1. Sustainable Innovation | Who is it for: Start-ups, SMEs, Business Leaders, Corporate Teams
  2. Impact Design/ Design Thinking | Who is it for: Start-ups, SMEs, Business Leaders
  3. Impact Communication and Reporting | Who is it for: Communications Professionals, Sustainability Professionals, NGOs, Government
  4. New Product Development | Who is it for: Corporate Teams

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