Full Sustainable Impact Value

Full Sustainable Impact Value The Full Sustainable Impact Value (FSIV) is an assessment of the complete impact the activities of an organisation, a business, a product, a service or a project makes or can potentially make across all pillars of sustainability. Designed by our Lead Consultant, with the FSIV, we help changemakers understand their impact

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Sustainable Solutions and Impact Design (SSID) School

Sustainable Solutions and Impact Design (SSID) School Designed to help you see problems as opportunities and challenges as stepping-stones, SSID School, WeForGood’s training arm, is first a mindset reformation centre. As the world becomes more and more technology driven, people will require a new set of skills to tackle challenges innovatively. With its unique training

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Impact Reporting and Communication

Impact Reporting and Communication The impact report has become a strategic decision-making tool for business leaders and investors alike. As change makers, impact reporting is important as a communication strategy for conveying to stakeholders, the change your organization or initiative created and how it was achieved. Good impact reporting and communication is an essential part

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Program Design and Management

Program Design and Management We are here to support your organisation on the journey towards purpose and profit, from strategy to execution. We work with organisations like yours to co-design and manage programmes that help them connect to their employees and communities. See some of our award-winning programmes below: Programmes Sustainable Solutions Africa Project Project

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SSID Lab Sustainable Solutions and Impact Design (SSID) Lab, is a coaching programme to help start up teams and organisations bring their innovative ideas to life in a way that incorporates sustainability principles, makes purposeful impact and creates economic value. People often have innovative ideas to make a difference in their communities but don’t know

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